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Uzbekistan weather forecast

In Uzbekistan, the weather is characterized by sharp temperature changes. After all, the local climate is sharply continental. And this means that even the weather today in different regions is accompanied by sharp temperature amplitudes. At the same time, the relative humidity of the air is low throughout the calendar year. And the weather forecast for 14 days is often without precipitation at all. At the same time, fluctuations between day and night temperatures remain high at any time of the year.

Climate of Uzbekistan

The weather in Uzbekistan now is quite similar to the Russian one (in the temperate climate zone). In winter, the temperature here also often drops down to 8 - 10 degrees below zero. And the absolute minus according to the weather forecast in the last 50 years is -38 degrees Celsius.

The average annual rainfall in most of these regions is up to 300 millimeters. Therefore, studying the weather forecast for the week, most often it will not rain, snow, fog at all.

And what makes it even more difficult to predict the weather for today and in the near future in Uzbekistan is the fact that over the past few decades the level of the Aral Sea has sharply decreased here (by as much as 14 meters). And this really makes a significant contribution to the movement of cyclones. And if earlier it was quite realistic to predict the weather for 10 days with a minimum deviation, now it is much more difficult.

Where is the best place to find out about the weather in Uzbekistan

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