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The weather in Romania is quite curious. At present, Transylvania is warmer in the center of the country than in its south. So, the weather now in the country\'s capital Bucharest is only +4°C, while it is assumed that at night it will even get a little warmer to +5°C. Constanta is keeping up with the capital, and in Galati it is a little colder - + 2C. At the same time, in Sibiu today the weather is +10, and in Timisoara it is +12C.

However, it is unlikely that the inhabitants of these cities will be pleased with what the weather is expected there tomorrow. The forecast is not too favorable and Monday looks like an anomaly here. In the same Timisoara, the weather will deteriorate very sharply tomorrow, the temperature will drop to +6 and it will be cloudy. The forecasters have also formulated a parallel forecast for Sibiu, where tomorrow it will be +5 and also cloudy. The weather for tomorrow is not too optimistic in Targu Mures, where it will also get five degrees colder.

In Bucharest, it will get minimally cold, the weather forecast promises +3C. The situation is similar in Galati, although there a decrease in temperature by one point will lead to the fact that it will be only +1°C. But in Constanta, weather forecasters promise stable + 4C on Tuesday as well.

The weather for 3 days for Transylvania will also be quite bleak. In Targu Mures, the temperature will fluctuate around +3 - +4°C, and in Sibiu, within this period, it will be at +2°C.

But further is even more difficult, the weather forecast for five days promises a drop in temperature in Sibiu to zero and even lower. In Bucharest, it will also be stable from +2 to +3OC, and in Constanta on some days this figure will jump up to +6OC.

The weather for the week in Galati is also expected to be almost constant except for one small jump. On Friday they promise +4OS, but on the rest of the days it will be around zero or slightly higher.

The weather for 10 days in Timișoara will likewise be only slightly above zero with brief peaks at 4oC. Forecasters promise a stable overcast sky.

But in Targu Mures, the weather forecast for 14 days promises an optimistic end to this period. The main part of the temperature will be kept in the range from +1 to +3C, sometimes even falling below zero. However, in recent days, within these two weeks, the city will get warmer up to +6. A similar forecast is in the capital, it is assumed that within a week and a half the temperature will not exceed +3°C, and then it will go up and reach at first +8°C, and at the end of the two-week period even +12°C.