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Latvia weather forecast

In Latvia, the weather is sometimes really unpredictable. And all due to the fact that the country is characterized by a maritime climate with a very short summer. It is very difficult to predict the weather for 14 days, the probability of deviation from the indicated data is about 25 - 30%.

General data on the climate of Latvia

Trying to find out what the weather will be like in Latvia tomorrow, in most cases it will turn out to be much colder than in Russia. Even in summer, the temperature here rarely rises above +19 degrees Celsius. And it is almost impossible to predict the weather for a week due to frequent cyclones pushing into the country from the sea.

The winters here are quite cold and severe. If we take into account the basic annual weather forecast, then snow lies here for about 80 - 90 days a year. And the earth itself freezes right up to 80 centimeters. Therefore, when planning a trip to Latvia, it is recommended to study the weather forecast for at least 10 days.

Where to find the forecast

The weather for tomorrow and the coming days in Latvia is monitored by more than 20 world meteorological services. Their data is often very different. But our website publishes one of the most accurate weather forecasts for 5 days, for 14 days. And all thanks to the fact that we provide averaged data from many weather services at once.

If we rely on practice, then in weather forecasts for 3 days, our deviation from actual indicators does not exceed 10%. This is a very low figure. And the weather data for today is completely updated every 5 minutes.

Advantages of our site

We publish the weather for tomorrow and the coming days absolutely free of charge. Our site is adapted for both PC and mobile browsers. Data is updated in real time. And we provide a detailed weather forecast for now. Where not only temperature is indicated, but also the probability of precipitation, the duration and nature of cloudiness, the UV coefficient, and so on.

Also our site loads really fast. Therefore, you can find out the weather for today in just a second if you add the resource address to your browser bookmarks. And we are constantly improving the forecasting algorithm by adding data for analysis from other weather services.