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Tajikistan weather forecast

In Tajikistan, the climate is sharply continental. Accordingly, the weather is quite changeable and depends on the specific region. But in most cases, the weather today is similar to the average for the Russian Federation, only with less rainfall. All this is due to the Eurasian location of Tajikistan, most of whose territory falls into the subtropical climate zone. But this allows you to really accurately make a weather forecast for 14 days and even more.

General information about the climate

Considering the weather forecast in Tajikistan, one can notice that it is characterized by significant fluctuations in daily temperature (comparison of day and night). And studying the weather for today, in most cases it turns out that it will be over +7 degrees Celsius (average annual value). The level of precipitation is less than 300 - 400 millimeters. Also, the local climate is characterized by low humidity.

But at the same time, the weather for now in different regions varies significantly. In the southern part, winter often passes without snow at all. In the north - even frosts are possible in the warm season. At the same time, in the weather for tomorrow, you can often notice an increased coefficient of ultraviolet radiation. And all due to the fact that there is increased cloudiness - this is a rare occurrence.

Where to find the exact forecast

There are about 10 meteorological services that create weather forecasts for 10 days or more. We also provide averaged statistics for them. It is due to this that our weekly weather forecast is often the most accurate. And the probability of deviation is only about 10 - 15%.

You can find out on pogoda.me not only what the weather will be like in Tajikistan tomorrow, but also in the next 14 days. Additional data is also indicated, according to the type of speed and the likely direction of the wind, the current and forecast humidity levels, and so on. If you are interested in the weather for tomorrow and the coming days, then a detailed summary is provided for them.

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