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Lithuania weather forecast

The weather in Lithuania is quite changeable, as the country is mostly located in the transitional climate zone. Due to this, the weather for 10 days and long periods of time is really difficult to predict here. Almost the entire western part of the country is washed by the sea, so high humidity prevails there. But in the eastern part, which borders on Belarus, the weather forecast for the most part indicates belonging to a temperate climate zone with short hot summers and rather cold winters.

General information about the weather in Lithuania

The weather for a week in Lithuania is monitored by about 20 world meteorological services, as well as about 7 domestic private ones. And if you regularly study the weather for tomorrow, you can see that it largely depends on moving cyclones from the sea. And the weather now in different regions (eastern and western) can be very different. Temperatures fluctuate there sometimes in the range of more than 17 degrees Celsius!

And the weather for tomorrow there is often radically different from today. Differences in both precipitation and temperature are the norm there. And even for a weather forecast for 5 days, the probability of deviation from the actual values \\u200b\\u200bcan reach 30%. And all this is precisely because of the transitional climatic zone.

Where to find the forecast

Weather forecast for 14 days is published on our website for Lithuania. Where do we get data from? We use the average value obtained immediately from most weather services. It is thanks to this that our weather forecast for today in most cases turns out to be the most accurate. displays data on temperature and on the percentage of the probability of precipitation, UV radiation and so on.

You can find out what the weather will be like tomorrow and in the coming days, absolutely free. A detailed summary is provided for each day. Naturally, the weather for today on can be viewed both from a PC and from a mobile phone (an adaptive interface is used). And the weather forecast for the next 3 days is also updated every 5-10 minutes. So all the information presented on the site is always updated.