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The weather in Spain is consistently mild, a typical southern European winter. So, the weather now in Madrid is kept at +6°С. The north does not fail either, in La Coruña the air warmed up to + 9 ° С today. True, it is very cold in San Sebastia, here during the day it is as much as at night - + 2 ° С. Barcelona, if inferior, is not much, in the capital of Catalonia the weather today is moderately pleasant, the temperature is + 8 ° C, although the sun was hiding behind the clouds.

In the southern regions it is also not too cold, but still it is not always warm in spring. For example, in Granada it is only +7°C. True, today the weather spoils the inhabitants of Seville, there is +11 and sometimes even +12 ° C and bright sun.

The forecast for tomorrow\'s weather in Spain is quite unambiguous: stable. In Seville, the temperature will drop to a minimum of + 10 ° C, and it will also drop by one degree in Granada. In Barcelona the weather tomorrow will be exactly the same as today, the same applies to A Coruña. In cold San Sebastian, instead of today\'s + 2 ° С, + 3 ° С is promised, and the weather for tomorrow suggests cloudiness only in places.

It will become noticeably colder only in Madrid, the capital of the country will almost catch up with San Sebastian, the weather forecast for the metropolis is + 4 ° С.

At the same time, the weather for 3 days in Madrid is somewhat more optimistic, as weather forecasters promise a return to +6°, and even promise that it will be clear on Wednesday.

The weather for 5 days will continue to please the residents of northwestern A Coruña. More often it will be + 11 ° С, less often + 10 ° С, however, in any case, the numbers are promised to be double-digit. The same figures promise and Seville on the other side of the peninsula. Similarly, the weather forecast for the week is stable for Granada, but at a lower level. The gap with Seville will continue, in Granada for seven days the temperature will be at the level of +6 - +7, although the clear sun will constantly shine.

The weather for 10 days in Valencia will fluctuate, but it will turn out to be pleasant fluctuations, the coldest here will be on Tuesday (+9°C). At the same time, on Wednesday the temperature will reach +13 and then the numbers will remain double digits.

The weather for 14 days in Madrid will improve at the end of this period. At the very beginning of February, the temperature will still reach + 10 ° C and will remain at that level. In Barcelona, the 14-day forecast also promises warmer temperatures during the second week. At the very end of January, the temperature will briefly rise to + 15 ° C, and then it will get a little colder and will rotate around the 11-degree mark. At the same time, it will be clear only on some days, while on other weather forecasters promise partial cloudiness.