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Poland weather forecast

Although Poland is mostly located in the temperate climate zone, westerly oceanic winds give the local climate mildness. The weather here in most cases without sudden changes. Precipitation, though frequent, but without massive heavy rains. Therefore, the weather for tomorrow and the next few days can be predicted quite easily. It is tracked by more than 20 world weather services.

General information about the local climate

Entering in the search “what is the weather like tomorrow” in most cases, the user will see that it will be warm. The average annual temperature here is about 7 - 9 degrees Celsius. The level of precipitation is up to 650 millimeters. The weather for a week is very rarely accompanied by significant differences in both temperature and cloud cover. Poland is characterized by warm summers and moderately cool winters.

The weather for 10 days and for longer time intervals has a greater spacing except for the northern regions of the country, which are washed by the sea. There, the humidity is higher, the precipitation is slightly higher. But still the weather for today in most cases is warm.

And we should not forget that Poland is part of the EU. And this means that the weather forecast here is also compiled by the leading European meteorological services. And practice shows that they provide one of the most accurate and reliable data.

Where to learn about the weather in Poland

On our website pogoda.me it is possible to find out the weather forecast for 14 days in Poland. For each day, the most detailed and detailed summary is provided. The weather for today is displayed on the left side of the window, and the weather for the next few days on the right.

Where does our website get data from? The weather forecast for now is compiled as an average value obtained immediately from many weather services. Therefore, the information presented on the pogoda.me website in most cases turns out to be the most accurate. The average deviation in Poland is only 5 to 10%. You can view the weather for tomorrow and the coming days both on a PC and on a mobile phone (the site has an integrated adaptive interface). For the user, all this is absolutely free.