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Kyrgyzstan weather forecast

Kyrgyzstan is a small country, a significant part of the territory is located in the mountains. Therefore, it is more difficult to predict the weather here. Close to the mountains, where the relief changes dramatically, it is not always possible to predict the exact movement of air masses and cyclones. Accordingly, finding out the weather for tomorrow or for the next few days is not a problem. It will be pretty accurate. But the weather for 14 days or more is likely to be with significant deviations. This is not a shortcoming of the work of meteorological services, but a direct dependence on the difficult terrain.

About climate in Kyrgyzstan

Almost 92% of the entire territory of Kyrgyzstan is mountain ranges. And answering the question, what will the weather be like there tomorrow, then with a high degree of probability it will be rainy. The average level of local precipitation is much higher than in the Russian Federation and other countries of the former CIS. But even in this scenario, the weather services here have learned to predict the weather for a week more or less accurately.

And the southern part of the country for the most part belongs to the subtropical climate zone. Therefore, in summer, the weather forecast here often predicts temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius. And all this is combined with high humidity. Such conditions will not seem comfortable to everyone. And there are also cases when the weather for 10 days generally indicates that it will be hot and with a lot of precipitation at the same time.

Where is the best place to find out the weather forecast

Most accurately, the weather for today in Kyrgyzstan is predicted by specialized online services. provides generalized data and a summary of wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure, moon phases, current air humidity, and so on. And the average value of weather deviation for now does not exceed 10%. You can see the weather in any locality of the country in detail.

In addition to this, our website provides information not only for today. You can see the weather for both today and the next 14 days. And the given data is a generalized value obtained by analyzing information from several weather services. Only here the weather for tomorrow and for the next few days is one of the most accurate.