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Kazakhstan weather forecast

In Kazakhstan, the weather is difficult to predict, as the local climate is sharply continental. This is accompanied by significant temperature fluctuations. In fact, in different regions, the weather for today there can be diametrically different (combining both temperate and subtropical climates). And the average annual temperature here is +5.5 degrees Celsius. That is why it is almost impossible to predict the weather for 14 days here, although many weather services provide such information. It must always be remembered that the possible deviation from the actual figures can be about 25% in this case.

About the climate of Kazakhstan

The weather forecast in Kazakhstan, in general, is similar to the Russian one (in the southern regions of the country). The northern part of the country for the most part falls under the \"Siberian climatic region\". The weather for a week in winter here is often accompanied by prolonged precipitation and early frosts.

But the summer, although short, is quite hot. The temperature can reach up to +42 degrees Celsius. At the same time, looking at the weather for now, you can often encounter the fact that even during the day it will be very different for similar regions.

Another difficulty lies in the fact that both arctic and temperate and subtropical air masses collide over the territory of Kazakhstan. This further complicates weather forecasting for 10 days, not to mention longer periods.

Where is the best place to find out the weather in Kazakhstan

The most accurate weather forecast for tomorrow and in the near future is best found on the website pogoda.me. Here they collect weather data for today and the next few days from various meteorological services, analyze the information received and give the exact value. As practice shows, in this case, the weather forecast for tomorrow or even for the whole week is the most reliable. Although the share of possible deviation is always possible.

And through the pogoda.me service, you can find out not only what the weather will be like tomorrow, but also in the next 14 days in any city or village in Kazakhstan. You can get a forecast for any country in the world, the list of supported countries is constantly growing.