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Ukraine weather forecast

Ukraine is quite far from oceanic cyclones. In addition, its territory is predominantly flat. Therefore, it is possible for meteorological services to make a weather forecast quite accurately. The main part of the country\'s territory falls on the temperate climate zone. This means that in summer the weather is mostly dry and hot. But in winter, you can often face the fact that the weather for tomorrow will be frosty down to -20 degrees Celsius.

General information about the local climate

Ukraine is characterized by a temperate continental climate. The weather for a week in most cases is obtained with similar indicators both in temperature and in precipitation. The southern part of the country has a more continental and hot summer climate, but with moderate rainfall. The northern part is colder.

But if we consider what the weather will be like in Ukraine tomorrow, then there is no significant difference between the south and the north. Although the humidity in the north is usually an order of magnitude lower. And we should not forget that it is in the south that there is access to the Black and Azov Seas.

The weather for 14 days or more for Ukraine is predicted by more than 20 world meteorological services. And their data is almost always the same. And the weather for today is also determined by local meteorological services (4 large ones).

Where to find out about the weather

Our website publishes the weather for now and for the next few days. The data is taken from all meteorological services, and the information is averaged. It is due to this that our weather for tomorrow and today is one of the most accurate. The deviation in most cases does not exceed 10%, which is considered a rather low figure.

You can also find out the weather for 10 days on And details are available for each day. Not only the temperature is indicated, but also the probability of precipitation, but also the level of humidity, wind speed, general data on the movement of cyclones, air masses. You can see the weather for today both on a PC and on a mobile screen, since the interface is also adapted for modern smartphones. Our online service is absolutely free for users.