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It is not always possible to predict the weather throughout Russia. Specialized meteorological services do this most accurately. Why does it happen that the weather for tomorrow, which is predicted from the news on TV or on the Internet, is not always accurate? To understand this, it is necessary to understand on what principle and algorithm the meteorological services generally operate and where they get the relevant data from.

How the weather is predicted

The weather for today or in the near future is predicted by meteorological services based on scientific observations. In this case, patterns are always used, as well as data obtained from special satellites. For example, if a cyclone with predominantly cold air is recorded (it is formed near the corresponding ocean currents), while there is a pressure drop between regions, this allows us to understand in which direction it is more likely to follow. What will the weather be like tomorrow? With lower temperature.

Therefore, the weather forecast for now or for the next few days is always almost accurate. In most cases, the permissible deviation from the declared data does not exceed 5 - 10% (in terms of humidity, wind speed, temperature). All these are the so-called \"probable deviations\", without which the forecast is impossible. After all, there are natural forces, the influence of which is impossible to predict.

What influences the probability of rejection more? Time, so the weather for a week is inaccurate than for today or tomorrow. This is an acceptable standard. Nowadays, forecasts often use terms like “probability of precipitation”.

How likely is it to accurately predict the weather for 10 days? On average, the possible deviation in this case is 25%. Weather forecasting for today has a similar value of up to 10%.

Where is the best place to check the weather

It is better to find out the weather for now or for the next few days using specialized services, for example There is a maximum of reliable information provided here. You can find out the weather for tomorrow for a particular city, just enter the name in a convenient search engine. The service gives the type of precipitation, cloud cover and air temperature.

On our specialized website, by studying the weather for now, you can also find out the exact value of atmospheric pressure, wind direction and speed, and UV radiation index. Therefore, the weather for 14 days and a longer period is more accurate. And additional information is always provided for your own analysis.