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Turkmenistan weather forecast

Warm and dry weather prevails in Turkmenistan. After all, most of the territory is flat, fairly dotted with deserts. Therefore, the weather tomorrow in most cases will be hot and dry. The average annual precipitation here is only 80 millimeters, only close to the mountainous regions this criterion reaches 300-400 millimeters. So it is quite easy to predict the weather for 10 days here. But the range of temperature fluctuations is large, especially in desert areas.

Peculiarities of the climate of Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is characterized by a pronounced continental climate with deserts. It\'s a very long summer here. Winter is short and very dry. Snow is a rare occurrence.

If you regularly monitor the weather forecast for 5 days in Turkmenistan, you will notice that the best time to travel here is spring. And it is necessary to give preference to the mountainous regions close to the Caspian Sea. There, in most cases, the weather forecast is the most favorable. And the heat alternates with pleasant spring warmth. The temperature then averages around 24 degrees. At night it can drop to +13 degrees.

Well, what is the weather like tomorrow in Turkmenistan monitored by dozens of meteorological services. There are also 4 large private similar companies operating here. In most cases, they predict the weather for now by tracking the movement of cyclones from the sea. And their data is very accurate! Therefore, when studying the weather for a week and for the near future, you should always specify the direction and speed of the wind. Without any additional indicators, this will already allow you to accurately determine the weather for today.

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