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Moldova is located in the extreme southwest of Europe. But the weather here is changeable, if you directly compare the warm and cold seasons. Because the temperate and subtropical climatic zones are “connected” on the territory. But you can find out exactly what the weather will be like tomorrow, because here about 15 international weather services track this data. And a significant part of the territory falls on the plains. The only exception is the northern part, which \"contacts\" with the mountain ranges. And where can I find out the most accurate weather for a week for Moldova? And why is our service one of the best in this regard?

General data on the climate of Moldavia

The weather in this country today is changeable. After all, a significant part of the territory falls on the interfluve between the Dniester and the Prut. And the distance to the Black Sea is relatively small, which also contributes to the formation of the local climate.

But if you look at the weather forecast for 10 days or even more, you will notice that Moldova is characterized by short periods of similar forecasts. That is, the days where precipitation predominates and those in which the weather is clear alternate. Therefore, the weather for tomorrow will be similar to that which will be observed all next week.

Where to find the exact forecast

Our site publishes an accurate weather forecast for 14 days. We use averaged data that we receive from all the world\'s weather services. Thanks to this, the weather forecast in most cases is quite accurate. The probability of rejection is up to 10%, which is a good indicator in this regard.

And the weather forecast for 5 days is completely displayed with details for each individual period. You can see the weather forecast for now and even for the next 2-3 hours. At the same time, on we show not only general data, but also information about the probability of precipitation, the direction and strength of the wind, pressure, humidity, and so on. Based on all these data, the weather for today can be predicted really very accurately.

The weather for tomorrow and for all other days is provided absolutely free of charge. The site is qualitatively adapted to the screens of mobile devices. You can conveniently view the weather for 3 days on the touch screen with the same detail as in the PC version of the site.