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Italy weather forecast

Italy, located on the Apennine Peninsula in southern Europe, is a warm country with a Mediterranean climate. It is hardly surprising that even in January, at the height of winter, it has predominantly positive temperatures and the weather forecast pleases Italians.

So, the weather is now almost spring in many places in Italy. In Rome + 8C, in Naples 1 degree warmer. In Palermo, the temperature has surpassed the ten-degree mark, it is now +11C. Milan, which is almost a thousand kilometers north of Sicily, also has no frosts, now there is + 5C, the weather is the same or slightly cooler today in another Italian millionaire Turin.

It is worth noting that the weather that has been established today, according to forecasts of experts, will not worsen in the future. In Rome, the weather will be even a little warmer tomorrow. The inhabitants of the capital can count on a temperature of +10. You can optimistically answer the question of what the weather is like in Naples tomorrow, in this city the thermometer will rise to +11C.

The parallel course is Sicily, the weather for tomorrow in Palermo is truly spring by the standards of northern Europe, it will already be + 13C there. And the weather in Milan, as if trying to keep up with the southern Italian cities, will warm up sharply. Tomorrow it will be +9OS.

However, the weather for 3 days in the northern Italian millionaire is not so optimistic. On Tuesday and Wednesday, Milanese will be able to enjoy the heat approaching the ten-degree mark, but on Thursday the temperature will drop to quite decent in winter, but still +6.

In Turin, the weather for five days will please the Piedmontese a little less, on Tuesday it will get warmer here, like everywhere else, but only up to +5, but by Thursday and Friday the temperature will drop sharply and reach +2 degrees.

But the weather for a week in Genoa, which is located relatively close to Turin, but on the seashore, is promising, it will be stable + 9 - + 10 ° C, the same weather will persist in Florence. In Venice, it will be somewhat colder for seven days: on Tuesday and Wednesday it will get warmer to the same +9, and the rest of the week the temperature will fluctuate around +6 - +7C.

The weather for 10 days in Milan will be quite stable and will not fall below 5C. Finally, the 14-day weather forecast for Rome promises a significant warming at the end of this period. At the end of the first week of February, the temperature here can reach +11 and even +12C.