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Belarus weather forecast

The weather in Belarus is quite predictable. The country is located in the temperate continental climate zone. In many ways, the local climate and, accordingly, the weather forecast is similar to that characteristic of Moscow. In summer it is quite hot here, the annual rainfall is about 700 millimeters. And in winter it often happens that the weather for 5 days will be constantly accompanied by a snowstorm and frost down to -20 degrees Celsius.

General information about the climate in Belarus

To understand what the weather will be like for a week in Belarus, you can focus on the average annual values of the local temperatures. In summer it is about +17 degrees Celsius. In winter - about - 4.5 degrees. And rainy weather now happens mainly only in the autumn months, in the middle of spring.

The average value of the number of snowy days is from 70 to 80 per year. The weather for tomorrow rarely indicates snowstorms, but they still happen (mainly in the northern regions).

And what tomorrow\'s weather here is monitored by dozens of national and world meteorological services. Based on practice, the data they cite is often quite similar. So the published weather data for today can be trusted, the probability of deviation from real indicators rarely exceeds even 7%.

Where to find the exact weather forecast for Belarus

Our website lists one of the most accurate 14-day weather forecasts for Belarus. Why is that? Because we publish the average value obtained from all weather services. The weather for today has a deviation probability of no more than 5%. And we are constantly improving the algorithm of our website Now the weather forecast for 10 days is available with details literally by the hour. You can find out not only what the temperature will be, but also the probability of precipitation, wind speed and direction, and so on.

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