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Azerbaijan is located on the territory, which accounts for the transition from continental to subtropical climate. Therefore, the weather of this region is affected by diversity and regional differences. Both in terms of temperature and rainfall. But looking at the weather for tomorrow, in most cases, the user will see that it will be hot. You can compare the local climate with Turkey, although closer to the eastern regions it is more like the one that is characteristic of Georgia. That is why the weather published by various meteorological services for 10 days is often accompanied by significant deviations up to 25%. For this region, this is considered the norm.

General information about the local climate

In winter, the weather in Azerbaijan today in most cases is warm. The temperature in the winter months most often keeps in the range from +4 to +12 degrees Celsius. And in summer, there is often weather for a week with full-fledged droughts. The average level of precipitation here ranges from 200 (Baku) to 1700 (close to mountain ranges) millimeters. Therefore, when planning a trip to this country, it is recommended to carefully study the weather forecast for the next few weeks. And do not forget that the probability of deviation from the specified information is always kept at a high level.

The weather for now and the next few days in Azerbaijan is monitored simultaneously by about 15 world meteorological services. There are also 3 internal such private companies. But even here the weather for today can be strikingly different. All because of the proximity of the Caspian Sea and the cyclones that come from it. But in summer, in most cases, the weather for tomorrow is warm. The main thing is not to fall into the so-called \"rainy season\".

Where to find the most accurate forecast

What will the weather be like in Azerbaijan tomorrow? This information can be found on our website absolutely free of charge, without registration and viewing ads. We publish averaged data obtained from many meteorological services at once. Therefore, our forecasts in most cases turn out to be the most accurate.

On you can find out about the weather for 14 days. And for each of them a detailed summary is provided. Both in terms of temperature, and in terms of the probability of precipitation, the ultrasonic coefficient, and so on.